Saturday, October 1, 2011

Here I go, let the countdown begin

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Day 1: Color.. beyond just black and white

My first day, 30 more to go. I've decided to focus my 31 days on color and how it transforms our surroundings. I gave myself a broad topic so I could have plenty to write about and educate myself on over the next month. Color plays such an important role in everyday life. Besides the obvious when it comes to design, paint etc., which I plan to write about, let's be honest ladies, what we wear (I look terrible in ivory - makes me look half-dead), the right color for our hair, and the color of our toenails matters immensely.  There have been studies, we've all heard of them, on the right colors to have in classrooms so kids can concentrate better, what color of plates to use so our food looks more appetizing.
So hope you enjoy following me over the next few weeks to learn more about the impact of how color is used to transform the way we see and think.

Day 2: "Starting with a Blank Canvas"
Day 3: "Touches of Color For Abbie's Room"
Day 4: "The Color of Orange"
Day 5: "Five Golden Rings"
Day 6: "Little Black Dress"
Day 7: "It's no Bull"
Day 8: "Painting Tips Inside and Out"
Day 9: "Blue Skies"
Day 10: "Fall's natural colors"
Day 11: "Five ways to add color to your home ,without spending a fortune"
Day 12: "Adding Color in Unexpected Places"
Day 13: "New Collection from Ballard Designs"
Day 14: "Fun Colorful Decorating Ideas for Halloween"
Day 15: "Fun colorful ways to decorate with glass vases"
Day 16:  "Do the Color of your Plates Really Matter"
Day 17: "Beyond Painted Walls"
Day 18: "Holiday Color with a Twist"
Day 19: "Gray but not so Gloomy"
Day 20: "Color Attraction"
Day 21: "Seeing Color Through a Child's Eye"
Day 22: "Color Inspiration"
Day 23: "Colorful Pumpkin Carving"
Day 24: "Colorful Holiday Centerpieces"
Day 25: "Vintage Tea Party"
Day 26: "Paper Whites and Pointsettias"
Day 27: "Mad about Plaid"
Day 28: "Annie Sloan Chalk Paint"
Day 29: "Colorful Holiday Drinks"
Day 30: "Colorful Creative Advent Calendars"
Day 31: "Final Day"

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