Friday, January 27, 2012

favorite finds

A few years ago my husband was asked if he wanted this old work bench. Someone he knew through his job didn't feel like moving with it, and I am glad he said yes. But it wasn't until just 2 years ago that we decided that it would look great set up as a really cool table. It was just sitting in our basement collecting dust. I had just seen one like it in Pottery Barn for over $2,000, then another one at Terrain for over $3,000, then I was really glad he got it! It really is so fun- I had it in my dining room for awhile until I got my buffet piece that I painted and posted a little while back, and then moved it and put the work table in my family room. It's a great conversational piece.
 Here is our table, we left the back part of it off, we sanded it and used paste wax on it, it had a much darker finish on it before

The one I saw at Terrain for over $3,000 was a couple of years ago but I saw this one that they have there now just yesterday.

Feels good when you know you made a good decision about something and wow am I happy! I actually even like mine better. Couldn't find a picture of the one from Pottery Barn but I felt good just seeing this!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

new rug for my foyer

I am in search of a new rug for my foyer, I haven't come across too many that will go well with both my living room and dining room since they are both off the foyer on either side. I do love my rug that is there now but it is so worn out and old looking that I think I can't pull off that it is an antique rug any more! I found some great rugs this morning on One Kings Lane, these rugs are by Jill Rosenwald, they are a great collection with beautiful "dynamic" patterns, as described on One Kings Lane. They are handwoven wool rugs, I find that wool rugs are easier to clean and a bit more forgiving. I love the rug in the picture below, although that would not go with what I have, it's just fun.

This rug was one of my picks, it is the Haven rug in sea foam and cream. I have both of these colors in my dining room and living room rug so it would be a great neutral color and I love the pattern. It would also go great with the color on my walls which is, Gray Wisp from Sherwin and Williams.
The price is great too for a wool rug, but I need to act fast because not only are they all selling out but this particular sale ends today!  You can check out more of their great sales on the link above, they are always offering beautiful designer sales.
I also love this rug from Ballard Designs, if I can't decide on the one above by today this is also a great choice because it is an indoor/outdoor rug. I like the larger one shown which is the Geneve rug in neutral.

Decisions, decisions....the clock is ticking!

Friday, January 13, 2012

second chance for an old chair

I have been so tired of looking at this chair of mine in my family room that I threatened many times that it was just going to go out in bulk trash and I was replacing it with a much nicer newer chair! Well after I was out and about the other day and came across a few beautiful chairs for inspiration, well I really wanted to buy them but instead used them to inspire me. I went home, tore of the very old worn out slip cover, I had loved this Williamsburg fabric years ago and now can't stand to look at it! But I decided to paint the beautiful wood trim that was hidden under the slip cover in ASCP Old White, distressed it a little and waxed it- but there is still a problem because it has the old wedge wood blue colored velvet underneath.

 So I went up to Calico Home and found a couple of fabrics that I had just seen on a few of those chairs of inspiration. I brought a couple of the fabrics home and decided on this one-

 I love how it looks on the chair and matches the navy in my pillow, yes again another problem, I need someone to make the slip cover for me and make it to show off my newly painted wood!

But I am glad I didn't throw the chair away, it looks better even like this! I love the old grain sack linen look of the fabric, I saw it on so many upholstered pieces the other day. So when it is finished I will post my "new" chair, it saved me many hundreds of dollars which is always a good thing!