Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28: Annie Sloan Chalk paint

I just discovered this new paint, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.(check out the website for tons of info and colors).  Thanks to the ladies over at,  Hueology, they have devoted their 31 days all to the paint, you should go check them out, they are doing some really great things. Well I recently went out and found a vendor near me to see what it was like.  They had a sample there of the Graphite and Old White on a set of chairs and table.  I realized that it is a lot like buttermilk paints, it has a very flat, dry looking finish, just like buttermilk paints. But their claim to fame is that you do not need to do any prep work whatsoever before you paint a piece, no sanding ,no stripping, nothing. Sounds to good to be true, right? Well, from what I can tell, it lives up to the hype.

The paint seems to be very versatile. If you don't care for the flat finish of the paint, she also carries a clear wax and a dark wax to put over the pieces after you are done painting.  From what I saw, I would highly recommend using the wax to protect and give a nicer finish on furniture. It's also nice because it allows you to distress the pieces and use more then one color. You can also use it on walls, floors and it does work as blackboard paint as well. The paint can be thinned with water or you can even leave the lid open and let it thicken up a bit. I purchased the Old White and I plan to use it on a cabinet I just got. I tried a small part of it so far, so good, so I'll see what I think when I am all done. And I better hurry because if I get it done by Monday the ladies over at Hueology are having a linky party to have pictures posted of all the wonderful things others have created with Annie Sloan Chaulk Paint.

The pieces they show on the website look transformed, very old world and french inspired (which is also the inspiration for the color palette as well). Here are a few photos from  Annie Sloane website of some pieces:

photo via Jolie Design-using ASCP

ASCP Duck Egg Blue

ASCP Emperors Silk

ASCP Henrietta
I am going to get out my paint brush and get started, I will post a before and after of my piece and let you know how it went when I am all finished. Check out all the pieces on Monday over at Hueology, should be neat to see what has been done.


jrg.cpg said...

Well, I must say I can't wait to see your project with the new paint. Looks very interesting. Actually I just went through day one through day 28 and it was so worth looking at again. I saw some new ideas that I must have missed before.I know you will make the 31 day challenge.

Maureen said...

This is so funny to see this post today because I was just talking with a friend about this paint yesterday. She ended up making her own chalk paint. I've never seen chalk paint in person but I love what I've seen in photos. I have lots of questions for you when we get together. Wanting to paint some furniture and need some ideas.