Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 11: Five ways to add color to your home, without spending a fortune

Adding color to your home doesn't have to be hard, there are so many ways that it can be achieved.
Here are 5 easy ways to add color with out spending a fortune.

1. Paint: Easiest way to change the look of any space.  I will admit that I have been known to repaint rooms while my husband has been away overnight for work. I would hope that he wouldn't notice, I did it a quite a few times- I would get bored with a color and wanted a new look- a couple times it took him a little while until he realized it, he just didn't understand what was wrong with the first color, he's learned not to ask now!

Traditional Home
 The pink paint transforms this foyer, if it was painted a light tan it would never give it the drama created by the pink walls.

2. Accents: What an easy way to add color to a room. Finding inexpensive accents will give you a chance to change them out from time to time just like you might do at the holidays, for example,  adding red pillows, candles or changing out some colorful vases or holiday plates.

Martha Stewart
Love how these yellow vases add so much color and a great contrast against the wood dresser.  You can find a multitude of vases at Home Goods or similar stores, to add color without spending a lot.

3. Fabric: There are endless ways that you can use fabric to add color into your rooms, window treatments, pillows and upholstered furniture are an easy fix. Although this is the most costly of the bunch, but even finding some colorful pillows can change a sofa, there are many options for inexpensive pillows. If you want to spend some to make that change, a bold pattern on a piece of furniture is sure to make a statement in any room- here the bold navy fabric draws your eye right to the chair.

Country Living

4. Wall hangings: You don't have to go out and buy a priceless piece of art to add color on your walls, you can be creative and add that color with so many different ideas- for not much at all. Here is one idea, group painted frames together, it has a greater effect, best part is you could do this yourself-

Traditional Home
Buy some inexpensive frames and paint them all one color,  group them together to add a real splash on the walls- love how the coral pops so much color against the white.

5.Painted Furniture: Using paint on furniture pieces are also a great way to bring in some color.  Painting a dresser yellow or a shade of green could be an unexpected surprise. Below, in this picture, instead of a plain white built-in cabinet they have been painted and now they jump out with bright colors and add so much to the room.

Martha Stewart
Against the soft peach walls the deep coral and soft bluish gray look so pretty. With a little bit of paint and some time, painted furniture can be a great accent in the room.

Hope that helps you get inspired to add a little color to your home.

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