Friday, May 8, 2015

Backyard retreats

I have this space in my backyard that was made into a club house for my kids, a little secret area in the back corner of my yard. They no longer go in there so I decided to start dismantling it.  At first I was just going to turn it back into more yard space and mulch but then starting dreaming of all these possibilities. There are so many creative outdoor spaces, so I started looking for inspiration. I've decided that I want to turn it into a cozy area to hang out and read or take a nap.


I came across this super quick fun idea, cinder blocks and 4x4's, I could fit 2 in there on an L shape and add tons of outdoor pillows and a cushion, add some solar lights, some canvas panels and I may just be taking a snooze there everyday!


During my search, I also came across some other ideas that I am sure would inspire any backyard enthusiast. I will be keeping my space much more simple since it is quite small but these are so beautiful to look at.

via Indulgy

via BHG

via French Grey

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I finally got my website up and running, really don't know why it took me so long! You can check it out here Thanks for checking it out!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inspiring Easter eggs

Martha Stewart

These are not just any ordinary Easter eggs - you know, the ones you buy in the little kits and make with your kids every year? From beautiful gold foiled, marbleized, moss covered, to fun painted silhouettes, beautiful robins egg blue, to chalk painted eggs to personalize, these eggs are beautiful and so unique. They would make a beautiful addition to any Easter d├ęcor. And I love showing off eggs in glass vases and cloches. Here are a few of my favorite photos to help inspire you this Easter season.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart


Better Homes and Garden

Martha Stewart


Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Apartment Therapy
It's coming! Even if we have to force it a little bit like these branches above, but Spring is almost here!
Usually with Spring I start to get that Spring cleaning bug. It could be because it is lighter out later into the day and I start to notice more of the dust and clutter and signs of being trapped indoors. So I started thinking about how to tackle this seasonal chore we all seem to do every Spring, I know I need motivation!

Spring Cleaning 101

What not to do:

    ~ Get overwhelmed.
    ~ Take on more then one room at a time.
    ~ Keep all the cute winter projects up your kids made, new spring ones are sure to come.
    ~ Hold on to all those snow boots, gloves and snow pants you think your kids will get one more
    year out of when they are already jammed in.              
     ~Keep all the Christmas and Valentines candy you still have, Easter is right around the corner!

Things to do:

     ~Work in one room at a time and don't move to another room until you are finished.
     ~Clean out the closets and really throw out those clothes you've been holding onto since college
     hoping they'll come back in style and they still fit!
     ~Wash all the salt and grime off your floors.
     ~Wash your windows inside and out, although if you haven't cleaned inside yet, it will only
      make it brighter showing off more clutter and dirt.
     ~Open the windows and get some fresh air in.
     ~cut some flowering branches and put in water, force the buds to open, it will make you happy.

Happy Spring Cleaning

Monday, February 23, 2015


HGTV photo
I know that I am not the only one dreaming about the possibility of my family living in this years' 2015 HGTV Dream Home, in Martha's Vineyard.....just move me right in! The entry to the contest has ended, so I'm sure there are many hopeful dreamers out there. Although I have never been to Martha's Vineyard, I have been up and down the New England coast and also to Nantucket many times, in fact I got engaged there, so its always been special to me. New England is so beautiful with all of its coastal towns and Martha's Vineyard I'm sure, does not disappoint.

HGTV photo
This year's Dream house is so inviting and has such a cozy feel, and although it's not too big, 
there are so many great design elements that have been packed into this home. The open floor plan is great for everyone to be in the same area and it's all centrally located in the middle of the house where it's so bright and open with tons of doors and windows.

HGTV photo

With so many coastal inspired and beautiful features carried throughout this home, there's 
no doubt where you are. All the fabrics chosen work so well with all the different neutral shades and blues carried through the home, but the colors also transition nicely from room to room by bringing in other colors as well. 
Besides the nice living room space above, there is additional seating spread around creating 
their own smaller spaces.

HGTV photo

HGTV photo

HGTV photo

The guest bedroom below is so fun and bright, and the use of orange in the room adds such a bright pop of color.

HGTV photo

But seriously, if this was mine, I don't think that I would have any reason to even leave this beautiful, serene. master bathroom in the picture below. I love the use of the turquoise blues brought in here, it is just gorgeous.

HGTV photo

No matter what, how big or small your gathering, everyone always ends up in the kitchen, and with the nice substantial island in the space, it provides plenty of room for all your guests that are for sure to come!

HGTV photo

Whoever the lucky winner is, and I sure hope it's me, would have a hard time complaining about anything in this Dream Home, fingers crossed! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

color trends

Photo from Pantone
I love the new Pantone color of the year, Marsala.  It is such a beautiful, deep, rich red. I'm not about to change everything in my home to follow the latest color trend, but an accent here and there could work.

This Old House
When I go out to a client's house to help them pick out paint colors, fabrics, accents or other design needs, I often get asked what the latest color trends are. I try to tell them that although it is nice to keep up with what's new and trendy, it really all depends on what you really like, what you're comfortable with and how design trends fit in with your current style. So as beautiful as the room looks above with that rich sexy color, Marsala, it would get pretty expensive to change your look every year to keep up with the color trends. But certainly some things are easy to change out and work with, paint and accents for example.

I 'm working with a client right now and helping to design her kitchen. It's an older home with a very challenging kitchen, the whole thing is going to be gutted. We are planning on crisp white cabinets, super white granite and warm wood tones. But what I am so excited about is that my client loves turquoise. We have been working through all the details, and have been talking about bringing turquoise in the kitchen and she is really excited to add in a pop of color. She has the color carried through out her home and has a great painted turquoise buffet in her dining room. She went out appliance shopping and came back with this idea, the beautiful water blue, Blue Star range below. It is going to look so amazing with the other things we have planned in the kitchen and will make a great focal point in the kitchen. It is a big commitment to go with a color for a major appliance but it works so well for her home because it's carried throughout house, and she feels comfortable with the color. So even though its not the official color of the year, it is what she loves for her home, and it will make her happy every time she walks in her new kitchen. Can't wait to start posting the project.

Blue Star

Monday, November 24, 2014

sunroom fabrics

I had so much fun working with and picking out these fabrics for my client's sunroom and I wanted to wait until everything was finished in the space before I showed them. The fabrics worked so well together, between the brighter super cozy custom swivel chairs and the grain sack like fabric on the custom love seat and coordinating fabric on the custom pillows.

 I loved how the roman shades turned out, there are six windows all in a row so I didn't want to overwhelm the space with a very bright or busy fabric. I found this pretty fabric, it is a simple linen blend with beautiful embroidered vines throughout. I was really happy with how they turned out.

The room is such a great space that is used for an eating area on one end and an inviting sitting area on the other. The space is grounded by two of the same rugs that fill the room nicely and really bring the areas together.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Pretty guest bedroom

I've been meaning to post these pictures for some time now, actually a few months. I've been a bit side tracked and haven't shared much! I had worked on this guest bedroom during the late spring for one of my clients. She wanted the room to be pretty for when her mother stayed. The room was previously painted and the furniture was already existing, I was just picking out all the fabrics for the custom bedding.

I was so happy when it was finished - it all came out really nice.  The bedspread was quilted and looks beautiful and inviting. There is also a bed skirt that matches with the pillow shams. In fact, the fabric looked so pretty that my client decided she wanted to use it to have some valances made for the windows (we just started working on them). 

The bolster pillow came out great too. The fabric has a slight raised pattern so the flowers and vines really pop, it makes it a focal point on the bed. The duvet cover, at the end of the bed, also has a nice textured fabric on it as well.

When the window treatments are all finished I will share more pictures, hopefully it won't take me so long to post them next time! 


Saturday, March 1, 2014

clients dining room

For nearly 18 months I have been working with a client on a new construction home in Delaware. Since I was involved from the beginning, it included everything from room layout suggestions and paint and floor color selections to kitchen and bath design and furniture. From start to finish, it's been a great experience. Here are some previous posting on the home's progress here and here.

Now, as the project comes to completion, I am so excited to work on finishing off my clients dining room. After so much construction going on with their home, it was great to finally be able to put those finishing touches in the rooms. The panels turned out so beautiful. We choose a Robert Allen fabric and a really pretty onion ball fringe to go with the fabric. The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy, and with all the beautiful white wainscoting, the navy really pops, especially now with the blue and white fabric. Also setting the whole room off is the gorgeous Schonbek chandelier chosen for the room. It really came out so pretty and classic looking.

We are finalizing all the rest of the window treatments and I can't wait to share those when they are all finished.

Monday, February 24, 2014

flower tiles

It has been a long winter, you don't need to tell anybody out here on the East Coast!  We have had snow on the ground for weeks, so spring and spring flowers seem like they will never come. I was happy to take on this small project for a client, which offered at least a glimpse of spring. This flower scene will go behind their range with a carrara marble border and matching marble field tile. I wanted to wait until they were installed to share the tiles, but thought I'd post it now and show the installed pictures later on in their brand new kitchen.

Friday, October 18, 2013

I was a bit shocked when I saw how long its been since my last post. But things in my world have been a little on the busy side and some things have had to be put on the back burner. I hope to try and get back in the swing of things because I have a bit to follow up on. Happy Fall!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy fourth of july

Happy Fourth of July 

Cheers! Just returned back from a wonderful trip in Mexico! Just in time to celebrate the fourth.
I'm trying to regroup and get back to reality. I've got a lot of new things coming up. But I'm going to enjoy the day and get back to this another day. Hope you enjoy your day and spend time celebrating with family and friends.

Monday, May 20, 2013

sneak peek of tiles

I was so anxious to see my clients back splash up in her kitchen, here is just a sneak peek. The tiles hadn't been grouted yet when I was there to take pictures so I will wait to show the whole kitchen all completed next time I go and take some great photos of their beautiful kitchen all finished.

The tiles we choose were such a great choice with the granite and really tied everything together. The main field tile are a honed carrara marble with a small slate blue mosaic cut in on an angle. Over by the bar area, as you can see below, there are 5 accent tiles that were added. These were some tiles that my client picked up on her travels to Italy a couple months back and she wanted to incorporate them in the somewhere.

Below is the focal point of kitchen behind the range. These tiles are framed out in the same honed carrara marble and then the tiles on the inside are a beautiful wavy, almost hour glass looking tile. The framed out tiles really tie all the colors in the kitchen together, between the field tile, and even the blue tones in the granite and the gray tones in the super white granite used on the island. It's framed out so nicely like a piece of artwork.

I can't wait to show all the final pictures and how everything has come together. We just ordered some great upholstered pieces and the fabric we picked is so beautiful. I will post all of those and show how the whole house has really come together and is getting close to being done! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

idea of the day

I love this idea in the new issue of This Old House. How clever are these two chairs turned into a very pretty bench.

This Old House
They even give you the step by step on how to do it. What a fun and creative way to refurbish some old chairs!  Here is the tutorial on how it's done, This Old House .

Monday, April 15, 2013

kitchen sneak peek

Here is a little sneak peek at the beautiful custom piece that is in my client's kitchen. This piece creates such a great visual from the kitchen to the back sun room where the kitchen table will be. Also, it will serve as a nice storage cabinet and provide easy access for table linens etc. During the course of planning out the kitchen I had come across a few ideas that had inspired the look for this cabinet. I think it looks beautiful and offers a great way to end the space in the kitchen but also giving it such an interesting and nice area to display some of her ceramic and glass pieces.

Here are a few of the inspirations.....

Traditional Home
Below is a picture of the kitchen still in progress. We went the other day and picked out the tile for the backsplash, which you can see stills needs to be installed.

Here are the tiles we picked out. The beautiful mosaic tile will be framed out in the crown molding (to the right of the mosaic tile) and installed behind the range. On the right side below, is the field tile and then the 3 x 3 tile sitting on top, is going to be used as an accent tile mixed in with the field tile in the bar area. The 3 x 3 tile is one of a few tiles my client bought during her recent trip to Italy.

The finishing touches are all coming together, I can't wait to see the tiles all up.