Friday, September 30, 2011

31 day challenge

Ok, I think I must be somewhat crazy, as if life isn't busy enough and my postings seem to be less and less lately, but I am going to take on this challenge of posting something new everyday for 31 days straight, yes everyday for the whole month of October.  You will have to forgive me in advance if I only post a picture with a caption on some days because that is 31 posts!  But I am going to be brave along with many other brave bloggers out there who are going to be doing the same thing. 
The idea is to pick one certain topic, just to make things even more challenging, and write about that for the duration of the time.  My topic is going to be on, "Color and how it transforms our surroundings", I think that will give me a lot of wiggle room, at least I hope. Now I may change my mind by tomorrow if you happen to see another topic. Here is a link to The Inspired Room where she talks about how you can take on the challenge. Also, a link to Nester where it all started. So come along on my 31 day journey of blogging madness, I hope to make it through til the end!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One little two little three little pumpkins

Do I even need to say where I am? For those of you who have seen my previous posts might guess.  Yes, the Terrain again.  I love to go there for inspiration, especially whenever we are entering into a new season, it gets me excited to start decorating with something new. 
Love these glass terrariums below. I have tried to do real mini pumpkins and gourds and they get moldy pretty quickly under the glass- so I would opt for some fake ones. No one will know the difference.

Some of my terrariums at home looked a little worn out so I took a couple of their ideas and made a few changes to them that are fun for fall. Here are some of the ones I have. I added some fake leaves and some moss balls in with some of the pumpkins and gourds to give them some interest.

Here I added a few orange colored books that I have to add some color with the white mini boos. Below are the moss balls with gourds.

I started to add a little color to my mantle as well, adding just enough color so I wouldn't overwhelm my already very colorful piece of art above.  I used the turquoise colored glass vases and bottles to go with the colors in the painting and I love the orange and white with it against the dark walls.  I think I need some birds though, saw some crows at the craft store today...hmmm


Friday, September 9, 2011

beautiful fall decorating ideas

Nothing is as inviting as a beautiful wreath hanging on a front door.  This wreath from BHG is so colorful and screams fall time. Here are some fall inspired ideas that are simple to do and look great to add autumn's colorful palette inside and out. 

Going beyond the wreath on the front door, the picture above is so beautiful and rich looking, the house below added a unique personal touch.
I love the elegant look of the silver pumpkins and tray. Last year I painted some of my pumpkins silver as well, after Thanksgiving was over and it was time to start with the Christmas season I took them outside and put them in my window boxes with some seasonal greens, they looked so pretty.

The touch of orange in this room gives fall an almost minimalist feel.

The ever changing mantel can be challening at times but also fun, I love the apples used here on this mantel.

Adding touches of fall doesn't have to take a lot of time, even just simple leaves in some glass bottles can add color to any table.
or even just stack a few pumpkins together

Fall decorating doesn't have to be hard, we've already been given so many colorful options to choose from to make it easy to change any room. Have fun and be creative.

Country Living

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

weekend get away

My husband and I had a chance to get away this weekend. It was so nice to be able to steal away and have an actual adult conversation without being interrupted every 5 minutes! We drove down to the quiet little town of St. Michaels which is on the eastern shore of Maryland.  For those of you who have been there know this quaint small town for it's charm, shops, restaurants and adorable houses.  Here are some of my favorite things we saw while we we there, come take a walk through town with me.

love this small house, actually part of a larger house

love the crystal door knob and beautiful wooden door

store front of Coco and Co.

inside Coco and Co.

Coco and Co. (my favorite store there)
this old wooden ship is a replica of John Smith's "shallop"(boat) from 1608.  The replica was taken out a few years ago on a trip through the Chesapeake to recreate the actual journey taken back in 1608, it traveled about 1,700 miles.