Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31: Final Day

I can't believe I did it! It's been 31 days of posting and I am taking a big sigh of relief, as I am sure about 700 other bloggers are also doing right now. It's quite a feeling of accomplishment. I think that if I had to go one more day my family was going to throw my computer out the window! It has been challenging with kids, the day in and day out, working on other jobs and trying to come up with 31 posts everyday for a month.  I think one of the other bloggers said that one of the scariest things about this was realizing that when this was all over, it would already be November! She was right. But it was a good experience and a very good lesson in discipline. It was a lot of fun to see all the different ideas of the 700+  bloggers. I found a few good resources and some great blogs.  I also immersed myself in color for the last month so hope you enjoyed following along.

 I had mentioned a couple posts ago that I would try to paint my cabinet with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I did manage to do it.  I wanted to get it done to post it along with some others who also used the paint to show their final products. So go on over to Hueology to see all the great pieces that will be shared, I hope to get mine on there in time. I was impressed with the paint, but did notice as I was painting that I thought the paint did tend to get just a little bit thicker, just slightly. But I am anxious to use the other colors.  Here is my cabinet before and after. It was a sage green before, and I painted ASCP in Old White over top, then I lightly sanded it, I have not put the wax on yet but will do so in the clear wax. I tested a small spot on the cabinet with some paste wax and it seemed to start taking off the paint so I will need to use their wax product which I am sure works better with their paint. I'm happy with it and will definitely use the paint again. Best part was I got the cabinet for $125 at a antique and furniture shop.

cabinet before

and after

That is the end of my 31 days of how color transforms, please continue to check for new posts. I might take a slight break but would love some new followers and check back later this month for a holiday give away.
(sorry for the repeat on the following post I am linking up the cabinet to the Hueology party)

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