Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26: Paper Whites and Pointsettias

I was never a huge fan of poinsettias but I've learned to love them. Last Christmas I cut my own stems off, like in the picture above, and got out  a variety of old bottles and small vases and put the stems in them. You would be so surprised how long they last in there - I think I counted a few weeks.  They look so pretty on a mantle and placed here and there for the holidays. They add a nice punch of color. I loved mixing all the different shades, from white to varigated to the red, and it is so easy
Real Simple
One thing that I have done ever since I can remember is to grow paperwhite bulbs.  I get the bulbs around Thanksgiving and by Christmas they are blooming. They are so easy to do, they can grow in just about anything, pebbles,rocks, dirt whatever. I get together about six containers of them and place them around the house.  It is so fun to watch them grow- my kids get a big kick out of them every year. I have found that they are an acquired scent, I love the way they smell but not everyone does. But to each his own. I can't wait to get mine started and have that great fresh green and white colors spread through out my home.

Real Simple

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