Monday, October 31, 2011

Before and after with ASCP

French Linen over an old yellow dresser
I have been hearing all over about ASCP so I couldn't wait to get my hands on some to see what the hype was about. I have been painting for years and have my favorites so I wasn't sure what to think. But something that is described as no stripping or sanding has a definite appeal. Thanks to the ladies at Hueology for their 31 day challenge on the paint, I think they inspired a lot of people to try it!
My first piece is not a wow piece, but a little more practical.  The cabinet was a good buy, but in a sage green, so I used ASCP in the Old White, then I lightly sanded it, some of the sage green came through which I liked. I haven't had time yet to put the clear wax on but will definitely do so. The paint does tend to dry fast, which does allow you to get another coat on sooner then you would have to wait for most paints.  Overall I am impressed with the paint, not as much with the price, but it does save you all the time you would normally have to spend on prep so I think it is worth it
Old White
This is the second piece I did and I love how it came out. It is an old dresser that belonged to my Grandmother and it had been sitting in my basement for a couple of years collecting dust, I had wanted to paint it black for awhile but decided to paint it in the French Linen and let some of the yellow underneath show through. The French Linen is a really nice tannish gray color.


It was great just to be able to slap on 2 coats of paint over the old yellow paint that was there without all of the prep. I then sanded some of the areas to let it show through to the yellow paint, even going down to the wood in some spots. This piece was great because it has such nice detail to begin with, with the raised designs and the feet.


After I was done sanding I used a big stencil brush to put on the soft wax, I used the clear. The brush was great to really help spread it around. In larger areas I used a soft cloth, then I went over the whole piece again with the cloth and somewhat buffed it. The one really nice thing about the wax is that after you are done sanding you may notice some scuffed areas on the paint that you may not have wanted there, but when you put the wax on it smooths them right out.
Can't wait to get started on my next piece and deciding what colors to try next might be a hard decision because they all look so great!


Marian-the-Librarian said...

Really great piece and should be so functional -- the best of both beauty and usefulness!

Hueology said...

So glad we could get you hooked on ASCP! Thanks for linking to our paint party! The cabinet looks great!!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

How charming your pieces came out!! They are wonderful! I just painted a Swedish Mora clock lookalike with French Linen too! Stop by and say hello and share at Feathered Nest Friday sometime!