Thursday, October 27, 2011

day 27: mad about plaid

wool plaid amaryllis bulbs

Plaid - we all love it in the fall and winter, right? It's cozy, comfortable, and I always think of the holidays.

Today, I couldn't wait to share all these really creative ways to use all those old wool plaid blankets that we all may have. You know the ones - maybe you got them from your grandparents or parents?  I know that my parents seem to have a few of them and I might stop by tomorrow to "borrow" them. They probably won't  notice some star shaped holes cut in them, right?

Plaids come in so many colors. Most are perfect for the holidays with lots of greens, reds, and whites. I love the black ones too.Well anyhow, check out these creative ideas I saw at my most favorite place to go - Terrain.  I went there on an impromptu outing with my mother, 2 aunts and one of my cousins. It was a lot of fun, so be prepared to get out your scissors and start decorating with plaid for the holidays..

What a great way to add color to some plain old books for the holidays-wrap them in plaid and add some greens.

How creative is this- wrapped logs in plaid for a little fun in with the greens.

How about wrapping your mantle in plaid, maybe a decorative one.

This might be my favorite, I would never have dreamed of putting a deer head on my walls, but in the plaid it looks so cute!

How great would a few of these be hanging together on a wall?

Even the table and table legs are wrapped in plaid, love how they used the fringe with it.

Here is a blue plaid with another mantle,would work on a shelf too.

These are so cute and would make such a great housewarming gift- they are wool plaid wrapped amaryllis bulbs! (the very first picture shows some others) - how about bringing these for someone to enjoy for weeks. Another idea, wrap a wine bottle in plaid to be really festive for a housewarming gift.

These bottles are now all dressed up for the holidays. You could do this with any size bottles - it would be fun with a bunch of small bottles grouped together.

Hope that gave you some creative ideas to use plaid this holiday season.


Maureen said...

Great pics!! So ready to get my house in order so I can start decorating for the holidays! I really want 1 to 2 of these plaid blankets. They look so cozy and inviting. And what great decor ideas!

the simple essentials said...

Those are some cute ideas. I am so happy that plaid skirts are "in" this season now I can break mine out of the closet.

Rebecca Lukens Designs said...

hmmm... I may not only break mine out of the closet but I may actually use them for my new obsession- decorating with plaid!