A few of years ago I was fortunate enough to have my murals  featured in a Better Homes and Garden magazine called, Paint Decor, they are no longer in publication. I had worked on a designer showcase house with an interior decorator, she was in charge of the design of the room and asked if I would do all of the painting.   The theme of the room was a child's playroom and it was up on the top floor of the showcase house.  I first painted a faux finish of what was to look more like a sky and then painted trees, flowers etc. all around the room- and turned a closet into a tea party with toadstools. Here are a few pictures and the article.

I also came across this link that someone posted about that same job, which was neat to see.
mural article

Here was another article that someone featured on a tile job I did for a client.

In 2017, I provided design consultation for over a year to a client who was building their dream lakefront home.  The home has since won accolades, including winning the top professional excellence award for homes over &1.5 million!