Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 9: Blue Skies

Today, on a complete whim, we are taking a little escape to the beach where the color of the blue skies, sand, warm sun and the water will transform our souls and give us that last small burst of an Indian Summer day.  In about an hour we are throwing the kids in the car and telling them we have to run some errands but really we are surprising them by taking them to the beach.  We're lucky that we can drive to the beaches in just a little more than an hour, and how incredible to be able to steal one more summer-like day before the long cold winter months approach... so a little blue skies, the warm tan-colored sand and probably, slightly chilly bluish colored water.. hopefully it will bring on very colorful smiles on Abbie and Finn's faces!  Please don't say anything it's a surprise...shhhhh!

Would love to hear stories of how you surprised your kids with a secret get away!


Maureen said...

Great idea! What a perfect day for the beach!
We've surprised our kids a few times. Last year we put them in the car and drove to Dutch Wonderland. Our 1st time there. The boys had no idea where we were going. They were so excited when we pulled up to the castle! It was the best. Makes me want to plan another surprise for sometime soon.

Rebecca Lukens Designs said...

I agree, so much fun! My kids were so excited when they found out! I had my daughter read my blog posting in the car about a 1/2 hour into the trip- they both screamed they were so happy! It was a beautiful day-