Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20: Color Attraction

Elle Decor
What color are you attracted to?  I think that we all are attracted to some colors more then others, colors we are drawn to.  My color is red, I love red accents around the house, and accessories, although I don't ever wear the color red, maybe that is why I like to decorate with red but not wear it.  But shades of red, like corals and salmons, I tend to have scattered around my house.  I also love turquoise shades, although I am more likely to wear those blue shades and don't have too much at all in my house... interesting.  What colors are you attracted to? I wonder what that says about a person. Maybe I like to think I live on the more exciting side that is associated with the color of red, but live through it in all the shades of red in my house and not by wearing them.  What color do you think you are attracted to?

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