Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 15: fun colorful ways to decorate with glass vases

There are so many things that you can fill in glass globes, hurricanes or large glass candle holders, for all different seasons.  Candy corn would be fun for fall, colored eggs in spring, and coffee beans or wine corks anytime. This was a fun idea too - fill them with corn, which would be good all fall long.

Or try adding some fruit, pears are always so pretty because of their various shades of colors


any type of mini pumpkins or gourds look great through Thanksgiving

picture taken at the Terrain
This one is my favorite, love these old Christmas lights- they are so colorful when mixed all together

Country Living

Cranberries are great all on their own to add such a pretty shade of red or added with flowers

Country Living
These were just a few ideas - would love to have you share some more ways to decorate with glass vases as we get into the Holiday seasons.

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