Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 25: Vintage Tea Party

All photos by Jennifer Rizzo
 I was online looking at one of my  favorite blogs, Holly Mathis Interiors, and she had a posting on there about another blog that I couldn't wait to go look at.  The blog is by Jennifer Rizzo.  I was happy to have caught it just in time, as she is promoting her "Vintage Tea Collection" and having a "Winter Nesting giveaway." The things in the basket for the giveaway are simply wonderful.

She set up what looked like a Tea Party in her back yard. The way she displayed everything and set up her photo shoot for all her pictures is so beautiful. It made me want to read more and stop by for a cup of tea!  I loved how interesting and inviting she made her back yard seem, so fun and so colorful. The multicolored teacups she has hanging from the tree are magical.  (go to her blog and see what creatures were lingering about during the setup, it's really cute).

love this chair with the tea cups and pillow

She has an Etsy shop which was the kick off for the post for the Vintage Tea Collection, my favorite are the  pillows....

And also the vintage jewelry

 It's fun to go on other blogs to see the creative and inspiring ideas of others who share similar interests. Her blog  has such a nostalgic and vintage feel that I just love.
How fun are the silver platters teapots and cups and dishes? I may have to get out my silver platters I have of my grandmother's.

 I was also feeling pretty good when I saw a picture of her kitchen, which was recently featured in Country Living. It is a little similar to my own kitchen, so it made me feel pretty good about my design decisions.

Her kitchen
my kitchen

 Can't wait to read more on her blog and look forward to seeing what else she has to share.


Jennifer Rizzo said...

Thank you so much for posting about the giveaway and my collection. I love your kitchen.. you have great taste ;)

Maureen said...

I love these pics! I have to check the blog out. And your kitchen totally looks like hers!!