Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 22: Color Inspiration

This has been a long road, day 22 can't believe it!  My brain is starting to go on overload! It's been a crazy Saturday, with the kids, soccer games and a Birthday party- haven't given too much thought on my posting today.  I know that it is the home stretch, and I should be so excited to be done and know how good it will feel to have seen it through. The only thoughts I have to share today is on color inspiration. The other day I was completely inspired by this old photo I have of this orange truck and so I started to paint. I am somewhat embarrassed to share it because I am far from done, but this truck makes me happy. It's a Nantucket flower truck, so eventually it will be filled with a multitude of colorful flowers, and it brings back a lot of memories. I painted this same truck once on tiles, for a home in Nantucket but have always wanted to paint this big old orange truck on canvas. Now when I will ever finish it? That is another question. But when I do I will repost it. (More importantly where am I going to hang it??) But it is amazing how color inspires us.  How do you get inspired by color?

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Maureen said...

Just did my post too...been falling behind lately.
This painting is amazing! You are extremely talented Becky!