Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 13: new colorful collection from Ballard Designs

Casa Florentina Collection

 I just had to share the new collection from Ballard Designs(I normally wouldn't do this, but what day are we on many more to go?? I think my head needs a break! and it is really great)- it is called the Casa Florentina Collection- love it!  Their painted furniture line comes in so many great new colors and finishes as you can see below

Casa Florentina finishes
 These pieces are so beautiful and would add a great accent of color to any room. The catalogue is so visually layed out with an old world vintage charm- click here to check out the rest of their pieces from the catalogue, here are a few examples of some of their other pieces

Casa Florentina secretary
Louis XVI bed
Bouclier Desk
Genoa Seating
Hope you enjoy the collection- you need to check it out to see the images to get a real sense- they look much better then the ones I was able to post!

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jrg.cpg said...

Well, I just love love the colors and furniture.