Friday, September 30, 2011

31 day challenge

Ok, I think I must be somewhat crazy, as if life isn't busy enough and my postings seem to be less and less lately, but I am going to take on this challenge of posting something new everyday for 31 days straight, yes everyday for the whole month of October.  You will have to forgive me in advance if I only post a picture with a caption on some days because that is 31 posts!  But I am going to be brave along with many other brave bloggers out there who are going to be doing the same thing. 
The idea is to pick one certain topic, just to make things even more challenging, and write about that for the duration of the time.  My topic is going to be on, "Color and how it transforms our surroundings", I think that will give me a lot of wiggle room, at least I hope. Now I may change my mind by tomorrow if you happen to see another topic. Here is a link to The Inspired Room where she talks about how you can take on the challenge. Also, a link to Nester where it all started. So come along on my 31 day journey of blogging madness, I hope to make it through til the end!

1 comment:

Maureen said...

Hanging tough with you Becky, although I must admit I'm freaking out a bit! Already have a mind block on my 1st post! We'll see how this goes. Looking forward to your posts!
P.S. I may steal the idea of posting just a picture every now and then. ;)