Friday, July 29, 2011

trash to treasure

The other week we had a garage sale, always an adventure, and my Mother wanted to bring some of her things to sell. Included in her items were various antique knick knacks, old tins, tools, spoons, wooden things, etc., she made out better then I did!  But she also had these old sprinklers, (2 of which sold that I wish I had also snagged),  I asked if I could have the last one it to see if it still worked.  Well I never got that far because after looking at it I realized it would make a really cute candle holder, or even a sconce. How fun is that? I guess the saying is true, "one man's trash is another man's treasure"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

weekend project "diy" ....

surprise swans and flowers! 65 year old wallpaper!

I love the old faucet and sink but it was time to go
I give my husband so much credit for his perseverance!  He should know better by now that when faced with a project and I say, "it shouldn't take too long" to never listen to me again!  For the most part we are definite do-it-yourself kinda people, which saves you money but not your time(or your sanity for that matter!). 
This past weekend's project was to simply replace our old original powder room sink with a new one.  The shame is that I loved the sink because of it's vintage look but the faucets were leaky and corroding away, the cost to replace just the faucet would have been a ridiculous amount because it would have to be special ordered, so we opted to just replace the whole thing.  Well, 3 trips to Home Depot and 5 trips to the local hardware store later, it is finished.  It's never easy working with old plumbing, adding new parts and have everything fit just right.  I owe my husband big time for sacrificing his whole weekend!

new and improved

The picture below is of the knobs I put on the cabinet(ignore the screws that I haven't painted black yet). They are old bronze hooks that I had gotten in Germany once(and had forgotten about) one is a pig head and the other a cow.  Now the knobs match with the oil rubbed bronze faucet we put in. It's fun to throw in something a little unexpected now and then.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sit down and relax!!!

Traditional Home
The one thing I miss most about my previous home is my front porch, they add so much to the living space of your home.  We lived in a 1920's "Sears" craftsman style house. I miss it so much! We had one of those nice big inviting porches that you could sit out on and watch the world go by, hide from the summer rains or enjoy your morning coffee.  I've told my husband that if we move again one of my requirements is to have a house with a front porch. If you are fortunate enough to have a one then you know what I am talking about. With a little bit of effort and not too much investment you can create your own perfect haven. By adding some furniture, colorful pillows, a couple small tables, lots of candles and a few personal toucbes here and there you have what I call perfection.

Another feature I love about front porches are blue ceilings. Most paint them blue to mimic the sky, while others claim they can ward off evil spirits, which some call a haint blue ceiling. Some also believe the blue scares off bugs.  But whatever your reason, it is just fun to add another element of color whether blue or even yellow as seen in one of the pictues below.  Here are some front porches that I have great envy for and may inspire you to create your own piece of heaven!

The sofa is great, Better Homes and Garden

so inviting, Traditional Home

this is just beautiful, Traditional Home
very colorful, Traditional Home

love the yellow ceiling, Traditional Home
Porch swings are always a great feature, Cottage Living
the plants add alot, Cottage Living
simple but sweet, Country Living

"haint"blue ceiling,via 
I'll have to dig up some of my old pictures of our porch and post them, although it may make me a bit sad!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bolsters, not just your ordinary pillow

love all the fabrics via tilly's cottage
I have a new obsession with bolsters or what some others refer to as lumbar pillows.  They are like the la-z-boys of pillows, but much more attractive to look at! They have come a long way in the design world and some very creative people have taken an ordinary pillow and turned them into the focal point of a room, whether placed on a bed or a sofa.   Here are some of the beautifully made bolsters that I came across, same ideas but they all look so different and so inpiring at the same time!

love the white and yellow ruffle via gus and lulu

lots of color! House Beautiful

 bold lime green with the crisp white bedding via decor pad

love this via tilly's cottage

when one just isn't enough via foam pillow

one of my favorites
so fun for a child's room via tribeca yummy mummy

I warned you, they are really amazing.  It makes me wish I could sew - that is one thing that I remember my mother trying to teach me growing up but I never had the patience for it. I should have sat still a little longer and listened. If I had, my whole house would be filled with bolsters! Maybe I'll ask her to give me another lesson.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 "idea" home in Horseshoe Bay,TX come inside and you'll never want to leave!!

 This Southern Living Idea home is so unique and has such a relaxed European inspired style, it is truly amazing.  This is just a sneak peek but here is a picture of the kitchen, they opted not to use upper cabinets giving it a very open and airy feeling. Click here to see the more of the house and other Idea home tours from previous years.

Southern Livings 2011 Idea home

side patio

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Company C is pure eye candy!

Company C
I must be on a color kick right now because nothing says color more then Company C and their vibrant beautiful colors seen in their rugs, pillows and fabrics.  I have one of their rugs, Wendy's Garden, and love the contrast of the bright colors with the black. I have it in my powder room and  paired it with black toile curtains.
Wendy Garden
Here are some other beautiful inspirations and eye popping colors, enjoy!

colorful outdoor rugs that really would look great inside as well
some of their fabric
stacks of color

beautiful bedding

colorful rugs

beautiful sheets


I couldn't just pick one pillow these are just a few, love them!

Company C as seen in House Beautiful

This is the rug that I am in love with right now, (hopefully to put in my foyer) the colors are more subtle but very rich at the same time. Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I do!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

bold and bright chevron

Most anywhere you look these days you will see chevron patterns used in various ways - floors, fabrics, pillows, paintings, clothes, handbags.  I am in love with the pattern and the boldness of  the "zig zag" - it is so playful.  The inverted "v" shape, was first discovered on pottery and rock carvings dating as early as 1800 BC from Crete and modern-day Greece. In the late 1800s it was seen used on handbags. Today it has grown into a bold and vibrant pattern that makes a definite statement in design and decorating.  The pattern is so fun and playful, but at the same time can be used in traditional settings as well.  Here are some of my favorite inspirations using chevron patterns.

love this painted chevron floor Alicia B. Designs

love the navy and white with the orange boxes

the pillow totally makes the room

love the artwork, one day I hope to paint my own to hang in my living room

love the mix of fabrics Traditional Home

now that's bold!

The yellow chevron pillow looks great against the white

so sweet

rug West Elm
I could keep adding images because they are so rich and playful but that at least gives an idea of how versatile and somewhat addicting the pattern is.