Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little help with a project

I have been putting off painting this chair forever, and today, I decided I would get it started...finally!  Sadly it's just one chair (well there's a bench too) and it shouldn't take too much time but it's just getting around to doing it.  Of course, when I originally painted it, I did it in a hurry and used latex paint instead of oil - how could I have done that!  But I did, and that is why, of course, I am painting it again.

 I have somehow already mananged to strip, sand and repaint the remaining pieces (2 dressers, bed and desk) with oil paint.  The whole set belonged to my grandmother, who, at 97  years old is still amazing.  The furniture is a french country style and probably about 60 plus years old. I love the romantic look of it.

I have covered all of the finished pieces with what I think are the best paints for furniture - Old Village paint. Their colors are as true and authentic as they get. 

When I was told that Old Village oil paint wasn't going to be carried anymore by a few local paint stores , I got very upset.  After a few phone calls I found one hardware store, thank goodness, that is still going to have it on their shelves!  The oil paints are so durable and are such great quality.   My mother and I have literally been using these paints for a combined 55 years (the company is almost 200 years old!).  In fact, my mother recently opened a can of "Wythe House Gold" that was 40 years old and the paint was almost as good as new! It's true.  Their buttermilk paints are great too.

Old Villages' acrylic latex in their satin finish is an excellent alternative - I can't say I have any complaints, but nothing holds up better then good old oil paint.  I am painting the chair and bench in Rittenhouse green (the desk is that as well). The rest of the pieces I painted in the Colonial white, almost like a light french gray.  

Then there is the fabric for the seats which will have to be redone. The fabric I most likely will get from Amy Butler,  I love her fabrics, the colors and patterns in her fabrics are so fun.

All of this is for my daughter Abbies' room, which I have been redoing for the past few months (or has it be a year already?)  I will post pictures as I go along. I did get a little extra help from Finn today, he was very intense and loved the way the paint peeled right off the chair as he scraped.  He even helped clean up!

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