Sunday, May 22, 2011

fabric anyone?

I had heard about this place but had no idea what I was in for until I walked in.  Now, as a kid, I remember my mother and aunt (she has 6 kids fyi) dragging me and my siblings and some of my cousins to this fabric mill and we used to hate it- we ran around like absolute crazy nuts, hiding in the fabric, under it, in it, whereever. They must have thought we were all so wild. Funny thing is - when I walked into this particular fabric outlet a couple of days ago, my son did the exact same thing, but now I'm in heaven!

The fabric outlet, in Newark, DE is called The Interior Alternative and they have everything you can imagine, it's actually overwhelming. Before going there, you must have at least some kind of idea of what you are looking for so you can focus.  When I went, I knew that I was looking for fabric in my living room for window treatments and I did find something out of all the fabrics that they have there.  I love the fabric I got, the prices were just amazing. They told me my fabric had just been featured in a magazine on a love seat and had just come in, but couldn't remember who makes it, maybe Robert Allen?  I have not been able to find out for sure, so I'm still hoping that I got a good deal on it. But without a doubt I will definitely go back. You just need to make sure you have a lot of time on your hands to be able to really soak it all in.  Here is my fabric.. very colorful, I'll give updates when the room is all finished.

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