Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black velvet

I am in love with these black velvet petunias, they are very dramatic!  I put them in with chartreuse potato vine,  purple verbena and some white bocopa.  They aren't as bright as your pinks, yellows and oranges, but I wanted to do something a little different this year in my window boxes.  I love playing around with flowers and combining all the different colors together, I guess they are like nature's paint palette.

my $6 steal

 I also found this great container the other day at a local antique store, for only $6.50!  I had seen some other cement containers for almost $40 the other week at a local fair. Mine isn't quite as big but hey - it was only 6 bucks, and I wish I had gotten a couple more.  I put some hens and chicks and a couple of small succulents in there to give it the same look as the ones I have been seeing around everywhere for about 6x's as much!  Feels good come across a good find.

Their $40 one

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