Saturday, May 14, 2011


One of my"pins" of a kitchen I love.

I have just discovered this very creative website called Pinterest. It is a social catalog of images and pictures. It's new to me but I'm not sure if it's new to all of you.  I am still playing around with it and learning how it all works.  You have to sign up and register and it took about 3 days for them to accept me.  It might be faster if you are invited to join by someone (which I am happy to do). 

Once you get accepted, you add what they call a "pin it" button to your tool bar.  That button allows you to add any image you want to a virtual bulletin board.  You can have multiple boards - for example I started one of my favorite pictures of kitchens, but you could do it for just about anything.  The concept is so simple too - when you see an image you just click on your "pin it" tool button and it will let you select the image and add it to your board, giving you an option of which board to add it to and write a caption.  The image will then be posted on the public homepage that is constantly streaming in the lastest pictures -while still keeping your boards separate for you to view your collection of images. 

It even lets you select someone else's"pinned" image from the homepage and then you can   "repin" it to your own selection of images.   It's a great way to collect pictures and be totally organized at the same time.  It could also be great for projects that you have in mind - start an organized board of pictures to compile and use for inspiration. For example, if you were redoing your kitchen, you could pin all sorts of pictures you like to use as a guide as you go along.  On top of all of that it is so visually stimulating when you see all of these amazing images on the homepage of everyones pins, some of them are so unique.  Overall, it's really cool and it looks like it could be slightly addicting!  

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