Wednesday, July 27, 2011

weekend project "diy" ....

surprise swans and flowers! 65 year old wallpaper!

I love the old faucet and sink but it was time to go
I give my husband so much credit for his perseverance!  He should know better by now that when faced with a project and I say, "it shouldn't take too long" to never listen to me again!  For the most part we are definite do-it-yourself kinda people, which saves you money but not your time(or your sanity for that matter!). 
This past weekend's project was to simply replace our old original powder room sink with a new one.  The shame is that I loved the sink because of it's vintage look but the faucets were leaky and corroding away, the cost to replace just the faucet would have been a ridiculous amount because it would have to be special ordered, so we opted to just replace the whole thing.  Well, 3 trips to Home Depot and 5 trips to the local hardware store later, it is finished.  It's never easy working with old plumbing, adding new parts and have everything fit just right.  I owe my husband big time for sacrificing his whole weekend!

new and improved

The picture below is of the knobs I put on the cabinet(ignore the screws that I haven't painted black yet). They are old bronze hooks that I had gotten in Germany once(and had forgotten about) one is a pig head and the other a cow.  Now the knobs match with the oil rubbed bronze faucet we put in. It's fun to throw in something a little unexpected now and then.

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