Friday, July 15, 2011

Bolsters, not just your ordinary pillow

love all the fabrics via tilly's cottage
I have a new obsession with bolsters or what some others refer to as lumbar pillows.  They are like the la-z-boys of pillows, but much more attractive to look at! They have come a long way in the design world and some very creative people have taken an ordinary pillow and turned them into the focal point of a room, whether placed on a bed or a sofa.   Here are some of the beautifully made bolsters that I came across, same ideas but they all look so different and so inpiring at the same time!

love the white and yellow ruffle via gus and lulu

lots of color! House Beautiful

 bold lime green with the crisp white bedding via decor pad

love this via tilly's cottage

when one just isn't enough via foam pillow

one of my favorites
so fun for a child's room via tribeca yummy mummy

I warned you, they are really amazing.  It makes me wish I could sew - that is one thing that I remember my mother trying to teach me growing up but I never had the patience for it. I should have sat still a little longer and listened. If I had, my whole house would be filled with bolsters! Maybe I'll ask her to give me another lesson.

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