Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July traditions

recent photo taken on vacation in Ocean City,NJ
 Fourth of July traditions, of course, include flags. But I have a new love for "bunting" you see draped and swagged in a fan like style.  It is a very old tradition that goes back to the turn of the 17th century. Bunting refers to the type of material used which was worsted wool called Tally's, but today they are referred to as just buntings.  They originated in England and were used as signal flags for the Royal Navy.
While we were on vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey, it was so great to see all the flags and bunting decorated on many of the different shore houses, like this beautiful blue house with bunting as seen above. It just gives you such a hometown family feeling.

more bunting Better Homes and Garden

The picture below also shows another type of bunting which is any colorful triangular flag tied with string.

   Below is a more simplified version of bunting with just swagged fabric tied with ribbons

Simple fabric draped over and tied in Better Homes and Garden
Of course you can't have the 4th of July without stars.  I love the different ideas for the stars in these photos

oil cloth and fabric stars used for a centerpiece, Better Homes and Garden

red tin star Better Homes and Garden

and I love the way this flag was used as a backdrop and a shade from the sun on this porch
Better Homes and Garden

No matter what your traditions are for the fourth there are endless possibilities, whether playful or appetizing and a little bit silly...

fun with food BHG

decorated bike Martha Stewart

Abbie and Finn before July 4 parade

Happy fourth of July!

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