Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bright Idea of the Day

While I was browsing around yesterday shopping, or just window shopping I should say, I came across these amazing unique lighting options.

How great are these mason jar pendants? There are 3 jars hanging from a single circular plate. I do have a very skilled lighting guy, wonder if he would be able to do them for a lot less then the $398 price of these!!

These filigree lights are just beautiful, the picture doesn't show how amazing they really are, they are truly  stunning. Even though some are big in size, they are so intricate and delicate looking at the same time. In the right spot these would be such a focal point.

They look like giant Christmas ornaments,so pretty!

This one wins for the most creative. It is a live chandelier- there are amaryllis bulbs placed around that are actually growing, replacing a spot where you would see candles or lights. The bulbs are mixed in with some cotton and greens all held up on a chandelier. You could put some twinkle lights around it to show off the flowers.

These were my bright ideas of the day, have any fun lighting ideas?

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