Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Most favorite things about fall

Fall is my most favorite time of the year. There is just something about the crisp fall air, the smell of burning leaves and pumpkins! Living on the East Coast is especially beautiful in the fall, for so many reasons. I think it is hard to narrow down my top 20 reasons why I love fall so much. I sometimes believe that fall is almost a feeling not just all the bright colors that come with it, there is a sense of home and family. But I have to admit I do absolutely love pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. Anymore they are used in so many different ways, whether decorative or functional, so here are my top most favorite ways to decorate with pumpkins.

OK, of course this is one of my most top favorite ways to display pumpkins, they are so cute and irresistible!
Velvet pumpkins- they are so lush and rich, you just want to squeeze them.

I also love pumpkins or gourds under glass, stack them up, mix them up, they make great centerpieces

 I am always amazed at the clever ways people come up with to decorate pumpkins, who would have thought, old skeleton keys.

Love this for your house number

The totally functional

Martha Stewart
Pumpkins and gourds can make great candle holders as well

I love this!!How fun on a porch for extra lighting for a party, clean out your garage and use what can find

This is so pretty for a centerpiece

I love chevron, so here's another reason to love it even more- on pumpkins!

I love the simplicity of this wreath with the mini pumpkins and the contrasting black ribbon against the orange

However you decorate with pumpkins, make it fun- how could you not with their already bright and varying colors, their different shapes and sizes and bumpy imperfections!

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