Monday, October 29, 2012

creative ideas to keep kids busy in a storm

As my kids just said, "Go away hurricane Sandy, we want candy!" We are bracing for this storm to come in as so many people are up and down the east coast. Schools are closed and will be for a couple days at least, and of course my kids are worried about Halloween being cancelled. I guess as a kid I would be really worried about that as well! But as parents now we have to worry about all the bad stuff. I'm sure across much of the area where we will most likely loose power, those of us with kids know how dependent they can be on all our gadgets, (did I just say kids?) So we already have the tent set up in the living room, loaded with stuffed animals and sleeping bags, flash lights ready to go for hide and seek. 
But here are a few other creative ideas to do with your kids when there is a storm. I found a bunch of great ideas at, Busy Bees kids crafts, here's one that is really cute, paper pumpkins, but there are a lot of cute, pretty simple crafts on that website to keep them busy.

Busy Bees

Another cute idea that will keep them busy for hours, find a box they can decorate, then cut out a hole in the front.  You can help them make some cute puppets with paper and whatever else you can dig up in your craft supplies, they can make up stories with their puppets that can entertain them for hours.

Martha Stewart
So, what would be more appropriate right now then leaf art. Maybe in my area I wouldn't send your kids outside to collect the leaves, you could gather some and let them dry off. This is something that I will definitely be doing with my kids this afternoon- how fun and beautiful is this creative idea with colorful autumn leaves.

Kids these days
Wild singapore happenings
I love this beautiful mask. If you go to the website it will tell you how to make it, I think they glue the leaves on a card stock mask, there are a lot of other great ideas for fall crafts on the site too.

But whatever you and your kids make, have fun. It may help to get through this storm a little bit better, without hearing them say, I'm sooo bored! Would love to hear what creative things you do with your kids, post comments if you can, I'm sure we can all use some more ideas and it would be fun to hear how you all get through storms! 
 Hope you all make it through the storm without too much trouble, stay safe!

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