Friday, January 13, 2012

second chance for an old chair

I have been so tired of looking at this chair of mine in my family room that I threatened many times that it was just going to go out in bulk trash and I was replacing it with a much nicer newer chair! Well after I was out and about the other day and came across a few beautiful chairs for inspiration, well I really wanted to buy them but instead used them to inspire me. I went home, tore of the very old worn out slip cover, I had loved this Williamsburg fabric years ago and now can't stand to look at it! But I decided to paint the beautiful wood trim that was hidden under the slip cover in ASCP Old White, distressed it a little and waxed it- but there is still a problem because it has the old wedge wood blue colored velvet underneath.

 So I went up to Calico Home and found a couple of fabrics that I had just seen on a few of those chairs of inspiration. I brought a couple of the fabrics home and decided on this one-

 I love how it looks on the chair and matches the navy in my pillow, yes again another problem, I need someone to make the slip cover for me and make it to show off my newly painted wood!

But I am glad I didn't throw the chair away, it looks better even like this! I love the old grain sack linen look of the fabric, I saw it on so many upholstered pieces the other day. So when it is finished I will post my "new" chair, it saved me many hundreds of dollars which is always a good thing!


Angela said...

I love the new colours, and the paint job.
Come on and try to make the cover yourself,
first use an old sheet and lots of pins to make the model, then when you are happy with the shape, go for the good material.
Looking forward to the finished chair.

Rebecca Lukens Designs said...

That's so funny because that's what I started to do today! So we'll see what happens, anything is better then what it looked like before. The fabric is a really nice upholstery weight, so I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best! I'll post pictures when I'm done.