Friday, January 27, 2012

favorite finds

A few years ago my husband was asked if he wanted this old work bench. Someone he knew through his job didn't feel like moving with it, and I am glad he said yes. But it wasn't until just 2 years ago that we decided that it would look great set up as a really cool table. It was just sitting in our basement collecting dust. I had just seen one like it in Pottery Barn for over $2,000, then another one at Terrain for over $3,000, then I was really glad he got it! It really is so fun- I had it in my dining room for awhile until I got my buffet piece that I painted and posted a little while back, and then moved it and put the work table in my family room. It's a great conversational piece.
 Here is our table, we left the back part of it off, we sanded it and used paste wax on it, it had a much darker finish on it before

The one I saw at Terrain for over $3,000 was a couple of years ago but I saw this one that they have there now just yesterday.

Feels good when you know you made a good decision about something and wow am I happy! I actually even like mine better. Couldn't find a picture of the one from Pottery Barn but I felt good just seeing this!

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