Tuesday, November 29, 2011

shopping local

I like to stay as far away from stores this time of the year, especially on Black Friday! I do not like crowded stores, the pushing and shoving, long lines, tear gas!!(saw that on the news at some store). I remember as a kid all those big fights over Cabbage Patch Dolls. Can you imagine! I love the Christmas season but find more and more that I don't like all the shopping - trying to find the right thing, making sure the kids are happy. But maybe if I wasn't such a procrastinator it wouldn't seem so bad. I do love holiday decorating (the lights, the tree, the music), although I am really not fond of my neighbors giant blow up Santa riding a polar bear. Last year I don't think they took it down until March!
Instead of all those big stores with tons and tons of people I like to go to all my favorite stores(then do the rest online). You know, the stores that feel like they are just your own, smaller local stores where they may know who you are and you can talk to someone for a few minutes. I have my favorites for this and that, where I can find unique new holiday treasures or those that I know are great for buying gifts. This holiday season, make a point to support your smaller local stores.

photo via Talking Chester County

photo via Talking Chester County
This is one of my favorite stores in West Chester, PA called, A Taste of Olive, it is the most amazing specialty olive oil and vinegar shop. They have these great silver vats of all the oils and vinegars for you to sample before you buy, everything from, 18 year aged Balsamic vinegar(my favorite), to fig, chocolate, hot serranno chile honey, and blood orange just to name a few. They are also available online but if you live nearby it is totally worth the experience to go in and try them, they are amazing.
As I shop my favorites stores this holiday season I will share them with you- would love for you all to share your local stores so I can check them out online!  Happy shopping!

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