Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One little two little three little pumpkins

Do I even need to say where I am? For those of you who have seen my previous posts might guess.  Yes, the Terrain again.  I love to go there for inspiration, especially whenever we are entering into a new season, it gets me excited to start decorating with something new. 
Love these glass terrariums below. I have tried to do real mini pumpkins and gourds and they get moldy pretty quickly under the glass- so I would opt for some fake ones. No one will know the difference.

Some of my terrariums at home looked a little worn out so I took a couple of their ideas and made a few changes to them that are fun for fall. Here are some of the ones I have. I added some fake leaves and some moss balls in with some of the pumpkins and gourds to give them some interest.

Here I added a few orange colored books that I have to add some color with the white mini boos. Below are the moss balls with gourds.

I started to add a little color to my mantle as well, adding just enough color so I wouldn't overwhelm my already very colorful piece of art above.  I used the turquoise colored glass vases and bottles to go with the colors in the painting and I love the orange and white with it against the dark walls.  I think I need some birds though, saw some crows at the craft store today...hmmm


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