Wednesday, April 27, 2011

spring clean up

If someone could find a useful way to decorate with "monkey balls" (sweet gum tree balls, but they do not deserve the name given to them) I think they should patent it now! For those of you who have gum trees in their yards, you may know what I'm talking about. Well, we are so fortunate to have 4 surrounding our yard.  As a matter of fact, our neighborhood is actually covered with monkey balls.

I have even tried to employ my kids to pick them up, I would be poor by the time they were finished of course, but there are so many that the money doesn't even interest them.  The only useful thing that we have come up with is that they burn very well in our chiminea to help keep the fire going.  Besides that, I find not one good thing about them. They twist ankles, kill grass, and litter the yard like prehistoric dinosaur poop fossils.  I suppose in my craftier moments I could make monkey ball wreaths....maybe I'm onto something.  Although if the goverment could somehow find a way to use them for fossil fuel  maybe we could get out of the huge deficit that we're in!

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