Wednesday, February 11, 2015

color trends

Photo from Pantone
I love the new Pantone color of the year, Marsala.  It is such a beautiful, deep, rich red. I'm not about to change everything in my home to follow the latest color trend, but an accent here and there could work.

This Old House
When I go out to a client's house to help them pick out paint colors, fabrics, accents or other design needs, I often get asked what the latest color trends are. I try to tell them that although it is nice to keep up with what's new and trendy, it really all depends on what you really like, what you're comfortable with and how design trends fit in with your current style. So as beautiful as the room looks above with that rich sexy color, Marsala, it would get pretty expensive to change your look every year to keep up with the color trends. But certainly some things are easy to change out and work with, paint and accents for example.

I 'm working with a client right now and helping to design her kitchen. It's an older home with a very challenging kitchen, the whole thing is going to be gutted. We are planning on crisp white cabinets, super white granite and warm wood tones. But what I am so excited about is that my client loves turquoise. We have been working through all the details, and have been talking about bringing turquoise in the kitchen and she is really excited to add in a pop of color. She has the color carried through out her home and has a great painted turquoise buffet in her dining room. She went out appliance shopping and came back with this idea, the beautiful water blue, Blue Star range below. It is going to look so amazing with the other things we have planned in the kitchen and will make a great focal point in the kitchen. It is a big commitment to go with a color for a major appliance but it works so well for her home because it's carried throughout house, and she feels comfortable with the color. So even though its not the official color of the year, it is what she loves for her home, and it will make her happy every time she walks in her new kitchen. Can't wait to start posting the project.

Blue Star

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