Sunday, August 21, 2011

first sightings of fall

velvet pumpkins
Ok - I have come to accept that summer is ending and I have to say now I have gotten a little excited.  Although I do love summer I always forget how much I really love fall. There is something about pumpkins and gourds, crisp air and the smell of burning leaves, that really make me happy.  While sneaking away to my most favorite place, what I call my own "peaceful escape," Terrain, (some of you may know that from previous posts), and sipping on an iced honey tea, I spotted glimpses of fall - pumpkins, gourds, grasses, and  mums! 
I attempted to make my own velvet pumpkins last year, they turned out ok, when I pull out my fall decorations I will have to post how I made them. They look so pretty used as a centerpiece.

They had this table set up for what looked like a fall feast, I could have sat right down and eaten- they must have so much fun putting together all of their displays, they are like works of art.

I may have stayed there way too long but it's nice to have an escape every now and then.

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