Thursday, September 13, 2012

it's that time again..velvet pumpkins!

Velvet pumpkins! I love them and can't have enough!

 The velvet pumpkin above is one that I made last year, I hope to get around to making some more to add to my collection, I made about a dozen last year and a few little velvet acorns. They are just so cute and irresistible! I would love to buy all of these below, but seeing that the smallest one, which is the size of a golf ball, is $20, I don't think that will happen. I took these pictures the other day while taking a trip to my favorite place, Terrain. I especially love going there this time of the year.

Active Kids 
I thought that these were cute. I found this project to do with your kids at, Active Kids. I love the textures and and different fabrics used.

Love feast shop

I posted these last year, these are the most beautiful ones I have seen from, Love Feast Shop. The colors that they use are so rich, they have a lot to choose from. But I will continue with mine, they aren't as perfect but I still love them!

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