Tuesday, August 28, 2012

my foyer in a new light {pun totally intended}

My light is finally up! We had to improvise just a little, but at least it is up. We realized that when we started to hang the light that it hung down too low and my husband would hit his head on it every time he walked down the steps. The wires for the light are centered in the foyer but we decided to center a hook in the area of the floor space so it is in line with the doors and centered over the rug. By doing that we had to swing the chain over to the hook, not what I had originally planned but it still works. We have old wiring, which is on our "to do" list to have redone at some point, so to go through the effort to have the junction box moved right now doesn't make too much sense.{although it may be one of those things that just stays the way it is and never gets moved!}

Along with hanging the light, we also added a collection of different pictures, mirrors and antique elements up the staircase which visually changed everything {plus I was so happy to get them off the floor where they were all stacked up!}

These are just a couple of watercolors that I had done years ago and put in frames, I needed some smaller things to fill in  the space below the larger picture above.

I mixed in the different shapes and textures, like this old grate, and yes a picture of Hudson. The weather vanes where kinda neat too, they were broken so I thought they would make better use hanging on the wall. I would still like to find just a couple more things to hang, maybe some smaller round pieces.

Whatever you do, have fun and be creative. It's great to mix in different sizes, textures and elements to create an area of interest.

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Maureen@Loving this Life said...

Looks great! Your art is beautiful...you are so creative!