Thursday, August 16, 2012

ASCP and mahogany

I have usually had great success with all my projects using ASCP, but this one not so much- I wanted to change the look of my rocking chair, new paint, fabric- done!

I knew the rocker was mahogany and I have painted over mahogany before with oil paint and had no problems (I know we really shouldn't paint over mahogany, but....) This time it didn't work so well using chalk paint. I am not quite sure why, but even with 2-3 coats, using ASCP in the old white, the reddish finish of the mahogany started coming through and it is now somewhat pink. Another strange thing it almost starting crackling a bit.

The beauty of the paint is that you really don't have any prep involved, as many as you know. Now with the rocking chair I did wipe it off and very lightly sanded, but I may have missed something here with this one. Curious if those of you who have used ASCP have experienced the same thing with mahogany? Any suggestions on how I could have done anything different? But I still think it is a great improvement over what it looked like. I used  red and white grain sack fabric and have it sitting out on my front porch.

 I'm up for painting and changing most anything, sometimes they come with unpredictable surprises, but it's great to reuse what we have and still feel like you've just gotten a brand new piece!

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