Friday, July 13, 2012

Repurposed candle holders

I am so excited about my new lights! Not sure if I should call them upcycling or repurposed? But anyway, I wanted to find something different to put up in my foyer and kitchen and really didn't see much that I liked, or if I did it cost a small fortune. I had seen one in Ballard Designs that I really liked but with everything that we have to do around here in our new "old" house I did not want to spend the money on it. Instead I used the light for my inspiration as I searched around from shop to shop. Below is the light from Ballard Designs, it is their greenhouse light, love it, but didn't love the price.

Ballard Designs
Then I found this in a great shop called, Cottage Home, near where I live. It was actually a candle holder that I thought would look great hanging in my foyer instead. (again, upcycling or repurposed?) 

So, I haven't gotten it up yet but couldn't wait to share how it looks.  I have a great lighting guy who took off the bottom part, which I now can still use to put candles in, and wired the top part for me. I am waiting on a medium sized version to put up at the top of the stairs in my landing so they match. It's a great size, about 20" tall and 12" across the bottom, hard to tell from the picture.

I am employing my father to come hang it up for me over the weekend- can't wait to have it up! I will post a picture when it's done.

I also wanted to find lights for my kitchen to replace the very "colonial" looking, punched tin light that is existing.  I found two of these beautiful candle holders at another local shop named Kaly, and will hopefully have the two of them hung as pendants in the kitchen, over our island (not as easy to hang in an old house with only one existing wire).  

I also have the two metal bases that came with these to use for candle holders as well, so I think all said and done- totally worth the investment of doing all three. And truthfully, I spent a third of the cost on my foyer light then the cost of the greenhouse chandelier from Ballard's. It's great to find unique pieces that inspire you to use for one of a kind pieces.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Becky--was talking with you Mom yesterday and she was telling me about the cool hanging lamps your Dad is installing this weekend--I agree--these are very pretty and so different--I know they will look beautiful when your Dad gets them hung--post some pictures of your new house when you get it all together!! Love to all---

Anonymous said...

YOU HAVE AN EYE! WOW! That lantern looks incredible (both of the candle holders)! I've shared your blog on our FB page! I'm contacting the supplier this week about ordering more, therefore I will be in touch with you re: the medium size one. Take care! ~ Ali, Cottage Home, West Chester, Pa.