Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ryan's room

Over the last couple days I have been busy at one of my clients painting a mural. It was for their son Ryan. Of course being a boy, he loves anything that moves so I thought how fun to paint a big car on the wall behind his bed. I tried to keep the room a little more grown up so he won't grow out of it in a year. 
The room has has a lot of primary colors, with his plaid quilt and window treatments so the colors in the signs and car were a great match. I painted a street sign named, "Ryan ST",  a stop sign and traffic light.  Below is the car painted behind his bed. To personalize it I painted a license plate with his initials on it.

Here you can see the part of the two walls, the car and then the street sign.

The canvas next to the sign is so cute, it's from Pottery Barn. It looks great with the new sign. 

A close up of the traffic light    

The stop sign is at the foot of his bed on the opposite wall

It was a fun job and glad that I could be a part of making his room complete.

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