Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My latest project

I've been a little preoccupied these days.  Between planning how we are going to start a pretty big project at home, turning our attic into a master bedroom and bathroom,{exciting!}, adding a laundry room area in our powder room,  and everyday life of a busy family. I have been working with a new client now for a couple months on a great project. 

Did I mention big project? Yes this is my client's kitchen, well it will be. I have been helping from the kitchen design, fixtures, hardware, tile, vanities, lighting, etc. etc. It has been so great to see the progress of this house being built. Every time I go over there is something new to look at. This week I will be going to the house, I haven't been in a couple weeks so I can't wait to see how much it has changed, the builders move so fast. The house is planned to be finished in June, until then there is a lot more to be done. I will post pictures of the house as it is being transformed from the picture above to all of the beautiful things that have been carefully picked out. 

sun porch

sun room and living room
Check back over the weekend for updated pictures!

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