Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fun art area for kids

Pottery Barn Butterfly wire art hanger

Pottery Barn mini chalk buckets

I have been working on a area in a basement for one of my clients for her two girls to have a play/art space.  Using one of the walls in the basement I painted some flowers with the girls names in the centers and then above painted a chalkboard using Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint and added a painted frame around it.  The butterfly wire is going to go above it to hang all the girls beautiful creations that they can change out as they please.  The mini buckets will be hung on the sides to hold their chalk and erasers.  It's a fun way to give them their own space and a great way for them to be creative with their art.  I will also be painting a table and chairs to complete to area for the girls to have another spot to sit and create. 

painted frame and  Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint

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