Friday, May 8, 2015

Backyard retreats

I have this space in my backyard that was made into a club house for my kids, a little secret area in the back corner of my yard. They no longer go in there so I decided to start dismantling it.  At first I was just going to turn it back into more yard space and mulch but then starting dreaming of all these possibilities. There are so many creative outdoor spaces, so I started looking for inspiration. I've decided that I want to turn it into a cozy area to hang out and read or take a nap.


I came across this super quick fun idea, cinder blocks and 4x4's, I could fit 2 in there on an L shape and add tons of outdoor pillows and a cushion, add some solar lights, some canvas panels and I may just be taking a snooze there everyday!


During my search, I also came across some other ideas that I am sure would inspire any backyard enthusiast. I will be keeping my space much more simple since it is quite small but these are so beautiful to look at.

via Indulgy

via BHG

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via Pinterest

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