Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Apartment Therapy
It's coming! Even if we have to force it a little bit like these branches above, but Spring is almost here!
Usually with Spring I start to get that Spring cleaning bug. It could be because it is lighter out later into the day and I start to notice more of the dust and clutter and signs of being trapped indoors. So I started thinking about how to tackle this seasonal chore we all seem to do every Spring, I know I need motivation!

Spring Cleaning 101

What not to do:

    ~ Get overwhelmed.
    ~ Take on more then one room at a time.
    ~ Keep all the cute winter projects up your kids made, new spring ones are sure to come.
    ~ Hold on to all those snow boots, gloves and snow pants you think your kids will get one more
    year out of when they are already jammed in.              
     ~Keep all the Christmas and Valentines candy you still have, Easter is right around the corner!

Things to do:

     ~Work in one room at a time and don't move to another room until you are finished.
     ~Clean out the closets and really throw out those clothes you've been holding onto since college
     hoping they'll come back in style and they still fit!
     ~Wash all the salt and grime off your floors.
     ~Wash your windows inside and out, although if you haven't cleaned inside yet, it will only
      make it brighter showing off more clutter and dirt.
     ~Open the windows and get some fresh air in.
     ~cut some flowering branches and put in water, force the buds to open, it will make you happy.

Happy Spring Cleaning

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